MyMOC provides you with timely news and reminders to help you fulfill your Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements.

MOC is the board certification program for assessment of continuing competence of physicians and encompasses recertification.

Beginning in 2006, all newly certified pathologists will be issued time-limited certificates of 10 years’ duration.

Pathologists will be required to demonstrate “commitment to lifelong learning and involvement in self-assessment” to maintain certification.

Monthly MOC Reminders

Are you confused about when and what you need to report to the American Board of Pathology? Access MOC monthly reminders and new CAP resources to help keep you on track — MOC Reminders Calendar

Although the ABP MOC requirements apply to pathologists board certified in 2006 or after, CAP Members certified before that time may choose to enroll.

Please note that all CAP Members board certified in 2006 or after are automatically enrolled in MyMOC.

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) is not responsible for a missed deadline or lost documentation pertaining to the MOC process. The MyMOC member benefit is intended to be an additional resource for CAP members navigating the MOC process, but should not completely replace other resources such as the American Board of Pathology website and other documents.


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