About the CAP Competency Model

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) is expanding its Competency Model for Pathologists. The CAP worked with the ABMS definitions of the MOC competency categories to make them pathology specific; the College identified specific competencies for each MOC category. The CAP intends this model to serve as a guide for pathologists in planning CME, career planning, meeting MOC requirements, preparing for board recertification, practice re-tooling, and/or targeting performance improvement.

Competency Model Structure

The CAP Competency Model organizes the six MOC categories into two main categories: Medical Knowledge/Patient Care and Technical/Non-Technical. This organizational approach makes it easy to identify medical competency areas from other critical competencies such as business acumen, people management, and communication skills.

Each competency is organized into a hierarchical structure. The page begins with the ABMS MOC competency category name and definition. That is followed by the CAP competency name, competency definition, sub-competencies (if applicable), competency areas and knowledge and skill statements.


Competency Model