A better approach to competency assessment for laboratories.

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Our Competency Assessment Program is a comprehensive, customizable, and convenient program to help you manage competency of your testing personnel.

  • Comprehensive — Dozens of assessment and training courses in 11 laboratory disciplines.
  • Customizable — Tools to customize existing courses or checklists (or create your own from scratch) allow you to tailor the program to your lab.
  • Convenient — All courses are delivered online and on your schedule.

The programs can be tailored to your laboratory and enable you to meet Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and CAP accreditation requirements.

In fact, the Competency Assessment Program offers its users tools that help meet CLIA requirements for all 6 elements of competency assessment, as well as help you manage the timing of your laboratory's assessments. Learn how the Competency Assessment Program can help your laboratory.

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CLIA Overview

What is CLIA Competency Assessment? This video simplifies competency assessment and the six elements that comprise the CLIA requirements.

CAP Competency Assessment Program

This video explains how the our Competency Assessment Program can help your laboratory manage its competency assessment plan.

Competency Profile Tool

The Competency Assessment Program’s Competency Profile tool:

  • Assists laboratories in documenting the six elements of competency assessment.
  • Allows administrators to create "profiles" – groups of courses, checklists, and other activities – for test systems, platforms, etc.
    • Each activity in the profile can include documentation of the element of competency assessment that it satisfies.
    • Profiles can contain up to three assessments – initial or training assessment, six-month assessment, and annual assessment.
  • Allows administrators to assign profiles to users for completion.
    • Administrators can complete some (or all) activities.
    • Users complete activities, as defined by administrator.
  • Creates assignments automatically based on date of last assessment completed. Notifies users when required assignments are due.
  • Provides reports showing user and competency profile activity.

To view the Competency Profile tool, use the link on the right to request a free trial.

Competency Profile Tool

Learn how the competency profile tool in the our Competency Assessment Program can save you time and help avoid accreditation deficiencies.


CE credit is offered for all CAP-provided assessment and Pro Courses. With dozens of courses to choose from, your staff can easily cover all of their CE needs for the year. Individual transcripts are always available online. Each person who participates in the program has access to both their completed and in-progress activities. Individuals can even add non-CAP courses for a complete continuing education transcript.



Assessment courses evaluate the student’s current knowledge and skills. Because these courses assess current abilities, they begin with questions, followed by customized training based on the student’s responses.

Learn more about the Assessment courses »


Pro courses act as supplemental refreshers for current employees, introductions to new areas by experienced staff, training for new hires, and additional CE.

Learn more about the Pro courses »

Safety and Compliance

Pull these courses "off the shelf" for your employees because they are designed for clinical laboratories. The illustrations and examples in the courses are lab-specific and you'll find them appropriate for your employees.

Note: Safety & Compliance course package must be purchased in conjunction with Competency Assessment Program subscription. Not available for purchase separately. Safety & Compliance courses do not offer CAP CE credit.

Learn more about the Safety and Compliance course »

Instrument-Specific Observation Checklists

Only Competency Assessment Program gives you immediate access to a printable inventory of Instrument-Specific Observation Checklists. More than 130 checklists supplied by manufacturers are available for competency assessments or training.

Information Management

All of your lab’s Competency Assessment Program records—courses, scores, checklists, assignments—are saved online by the Competency Assessment Program.

You will never have to worry about finding proof of your CLIA compliance. Your lab’s records are password protected, easily accessible at any time, and saved online for as long as you are enrolled in the program.

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