Feedback and You Podcast Series

Welcome to the Feedback and You: Give it. Seek it. Use it. podcast series!

This pilot activity includes six podcasts presented by Dr. Sarah Bean and Dr. Sara Jiang of Duke University Pathology. In the podcasts, you will learn best practices for giving feedback, benefit from expert demonstrations of high-yield feedback techniques, and discover ways to make the most out of feedback you receive. Hone your skills in giving and receiving performance feedback through the podcasts and download the job aids to help you apply these techniques in your practice setting.

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Starting the Feedback Conversation

Dr. Bean and Dr. Jiang discuss components of effective feedback that you can use to plan and optimize your feedback conversations.

Ask-Tell-Ask: Beyond the Feedback Sandwich

Discover why the ask-tell-ask feedback technique is one of Dr. Bean and Dr. Jiang’s favorite ways of giving feedback.

Pendleton's Rules: Building Self-Awareness Through Feedback

Dr. Bean and Dr. Jiang demonstrate how Pendleton's rules for giving feedback leverage self-assessment to promote learning and improved performance.

One-Minute Preceptor: Creating Quick Teaching Moments

Dr. Bean and Dr. Jiang demonstrate how the one-minute preceptor technique can be integrated into even the busiest lab practice to effectively assess performance, instruct, and provide feedback.

Receiving Feedback Like a Pro

Dr. Bean and Dr. Jiang describe how to receive feedback more productively and maximize the value of the feedback you receive.

Post-Feedback Action Planning: Use it!

Dr. Bean and Dr. Jiang describe how goal setting and action planning are an integral part of the feedback process, and suggest ways to do both.

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